Making A Reservation

How to make a reservation

We offer to secure your places on board and finalize your ferry reservation with us. By visiting one of our websites: www.gujaratitours.com

On the homepage of website you will find a search form for passengers and vehicles. Simply enter the details your trip (dates, if you are travelling one way or return etc) and in 3 simple steps you can finalize your ferry booking.

Ticket collection

The ferry ticket is a legal document/ receipt proving you have paid for a certain service.

You may choose:

  • To have the E - ticket/s sent to you by mail or SMS.
  • To collect the ticket/s from the port office (check-in) on the day of departure.

If you prefer collecting the tickets from the port office on the day of departure, simply collect them with your PRN Number and proof of identification (ID card or passport) from the check-in desk. NOTE: Our system informs you of any such charges before the payment step.

Cost of Ferry Ticket

Ticket value

The value of your tickets is directly connected to the pricing policy of the ferry company. Prices for individual passengers and vehicles are usually announced in Advance. Prices are per person and depend on the route, seasonality (low, middle, high) and accommodation category. Return trip tickets usually include a discount even if the same accommodation category as is selected as on the outbound trip. Therefore there are two prices per accommodation category per season. One for outbound trips and one for return trips. Ferry companies who do not offer return trip discounts only have one price per category per season.

The price quoted on a ferry ticket is a SET PRICE, and is the SAME for everyone, everywhere.

Whether you purchase your ticket online or offline at the booking counters, the price is the same. This price may include discounts you are entitled to, but these discounts and offers are also predefined and apply to everyone that meets the specific criteria, regardless of where they book their tickets from.

Ticket Cost value

No additional charges apply to reservations for ferry routes, regardless of which ferry company you choose to travel with.

You are only requested to pay the ticket value as shown in our offer and on your ticket/s and which will include any discount and/or offer you are entitled to and is valid at the time of booking.